A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A spooky point and click visual novel game

Help Erin search for a lost cat that ran away inside a haunted house! A short point and click visual novel game lasting 6-10 minutes based on the Salamander webcomic.

Salamander Webcomic (Free to read)

Game for PC (Windows/Linux) and Mac

Enjoy our first short game! 

🕯️🔎 🕯️

Story & Programming: Anna Mao

Character/Environmental/UI Art: Saint Bree

Environmental Art: Level5pencil

🕯️🔎 🕯️

Game Updates: 

4/28/18: The game has been updated to improve point-and-click system and other aspects. 

10/22/17: Fixed errors in the living room. 

Install instructions

Unzip the game file and run SalamanderTheLostKitty.exe! Enjoy the game :)


SalamanderTheLostKitty-2.0-pc.zip 91 MB
SalamanderTheLostKitty-2.0-mac.zip 74 MB

Development log


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Never read the comic, but this is really good! I've never seen a looking mechanic in RenPy before. Never would've seen the twist coming.

Thanks for playing! We're glad you enjoyed the game! :)


Very sad :( need to give the ghosts hugs. ^.^ a nice game.


Such a Cute Little Spooky game :) Made a Let's Play of it ^_^ 

been a reader on the salamander webtoon for sometime now. just found this game not to long ago.

Very short yet bittersweet interactive visual novel. :) 


Poor girl and poor cat. :(

what a great game but a sad story


Glad you enjoyed our game! :) Thanks for sharing your video!

Gave it a go...

Thanks for playing and making a video! This is our first game, so it was short :) The game was also meant to be spooky not horror. 

well that was a depressing comic :( 

This was pretty good even though you made me sad.

I am not familiar with the web comic but I will have to add it to my out-of-control list of comics :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for playing! We're glad you enjoyed the game :) We noticed you encountered errors in the living room, so we have fixed those issues with the new update. Thanks for making a video and including a link to the webcomic!


Glad our game reached its purpose haha! We're happy you enjoyed the game. Thanks for sharing your video! :)

Whats wrong with you :'( why let......the little girl die.....just plain rude

short sad game, really great grammar, nice drawings and very immersive, well done here is my playthrough  

We enjoyed your video! Thanks for playing and giving our game positive feedback! :)

happy to, great game